Pavel Verbnyak

Psychology of personal and professional success, goal-setting, soft skills, Successful Thinking Pavel Verbnyak International

Trainer, Networking
Productivity, Productivity
Pavel Verbnyak


Meet Pavel, a renowned international speaker, coach, and corporate trainer committed to unraveling the mysteries of personal and business triumph. With a profound understanding of psychology, time management, goal-setting, and soft skills, Pavel empowers individuals and organizations to reach their zenith. Endorsed by Jack Canfield, the esteemed bestselling author, Pavel travels globally, sharing invaluable insights honed through vast experience. Beyond his professional endeavors, he cherishes his roles as a devoted husband and father, epitomizing balance. A fervent marathon enthusiast, Pavel advocates for holistic well-being, emphasizing the harmony of mind and body. Through his dynamic blend of motivational wisdom and actionable strategies, Pavel catalyzes enduring positive transformations.

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