Yana Klyukina

Systemic constellation facilitator and business coach, Business coaching

Coaching, Emotional Wellbeing
Business Transformation, Business Transformation
Yana Klyukina


Yana is a seasoned guide, aiding individuals and businesses in navigating life's complexities and realizing their goals through subconscious empowerment. With a background in law, linguistics, and corporate affairs, she fosters deep connections with clients, aligning values and beliefs. Employing a diverse toolkit including family constellations, coaching, regressions, and art, she delves into the subconscious, effecting profound change. Noteworthy achievements include a flawless satisfaction record in consultancy, resolving critical issues, and providing psychological support with a guaranteed 100% success rate. Yana's expertise lies in bridging communication gaps and fostering understanding, ensuring clients journey forward on a shared path to success.

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